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  • China Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Limited Company company profile
  • China Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Limited Company company profile
  • China Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Limited Company company profile
  • China Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Limited Company company profile
Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Limited Company
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In 2019, YDY Technology marked our 20th anniversary of providing high quality PCB and PCBA service to the electronics industry. YDY has professional team to offer flexible one stop solution for your PCBA projects, including PCB design, components procurement, PCB Assembly, Box building, functional test.Over the course of our 20+ years in business we have successfully produced millions of pcbs and processed hundreds of thousands of orders.

The electronic manufacture service is truly a detail intensive business that requires a huge commitment to quality, service and delivery. YDY provide PCB and PCBA with high-precision and have earned our company an excellent reputation for consistent quality, on-time delivery, and exceptional service.We are proud of the fact that we have created true lasting partnerships with our customers. It is a core value of our company and a key ingredient of what makes us successful in what we do.Choosing YDY Technology, you will save much time in your work and project!


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YDY is a first-class manufacturer that could provide a full service Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider.


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We offer complete end to end manufacturing solutions,full turnkey contract included custom design, PCB prototype, PCB, PCBA , high-level PCB Assembly,  system level testing, accessories and cables, plastic enclosure,packaging.box building and ect.

We manufactured include: from simple single sided PCB, double-sided PCB to complex multilayer PCB up to 30 layers, Metal core PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, HDI PCB, Microwave RF PCB and so on, the pcb assembly service we offer based on our assembly plant include: SMT, thru-hole, combo of SMT and thru-hole, consigned pcb assembly, partial consigned pcb assembly and full turnkey pcb assembly.

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YDY specializes in high-quality, low-to-medium volume builds for clients all over the world including North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.


The key markets the company serve include security, power supply & control, telecommunication, industrial control, automotive electronics, medical and healthcare.

We have many experiences to developed smart watches,single screen/dual screen cash register, smart face-sweeping cash register, dual-screen integrated cash register, receipt printer, barcode scanner, payment scanning box, smart cash box, self-service electric stove control system, smart oxygen generator, smart watch and ect according to customers' ideas and requirements:

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Our engineering, quality assurance, and project management teams cooperate closely with customers to fully understand and exceed your requirements.

Our operations have been accredited ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015 , IATF 16949:2016, and IPC-A-610 Class II and III.



Production capacity:


There are currently 6 SMT production lines, equipped with new imported Siemens TX21, X2 mounter machines, automatic solder paste printers, ten temperature zone reflow ovens, AOI, SPI and other high-end equipment. The SMT production capacity is 25 million solder joints/day, and is especially good at high-precision and high-complexity single boards.

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SMT production 25 million solder joints/day
SMT line 6

Throwing rate

RC rate 0.3% 
  IC type no throwaway

Single board type
POP/common board/FPC/rigid-flex board/metal substrate


Mounting component specifications The smallest package 01005 Chip/0.2 Pitch BGA
Minimum device accuracy ±0.02mm
IC type patch accuracy ±0.015mm
Mount PCB specifications PCB size 50*50mm-774*710mm
  PCB thickness 0.3-6.5mm


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Advantages of the development process:


YDY implements an advanced IPD integrated development process system to ensure product development quality, and the new product development cycle is shortened by more than 30% compared with the industry average

◼ The time to put the product on the market is shortened by 40%~60%;

◼ Reduce product development time by 50% to 80%;

◼ Product development productivity increased by 25% to 30%;

◼ New product revenue (100% of total revenue) increased by 100%



DQE Implementation process:


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Our goal is to provide high quality manufacturing services at a competitive price. 


Our service philosophy:

YDY Customer Support is committed to always providing the help you need in a prompt and personalized manner – every day of the year – no exceptions. Choosing YDY means you’re choosing the easiest PCB/PCBA company to do business with.

Our Customer Support team sets the industry standard, and is backed by over 20 years of experience in finding the PCB solution that best fits your requirements. As a leading printed circuit board solutions provider and manufacturer, we strive to partner with you to ensure the success of your ideas and prototypes. Our product and service innovations make us different than any other PCB company or PCB manufacturer.

"YDY will support your design efforts like a member of your team. We measure our success by your success!"



In 2009, Shenzhen Yanshuo Technology Co., Ltd. (SMT Department) was established and invested in imported production equipment, specializing in high-precision, complex PCBA patch, post welding, testing and complete production and processing services.


In 2012, the turnover exceeded 1546981 U.S. dollars.


In 2015, turnover exceeded 4640945.4 U.S. dollars.


In 2018, our factory was newly upgraded, expanding the scale of 8000 square meters and the team menbers reached 200 people.

In addition, we focus on providing overall intelligent hardware solutions for commercial digital intelligence, providing products from product design, development and testing, PCBA production and integration Machine production, quality management, after-sales service and product marketing as a whole link.


in 2019,Establish foreign trade department-Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Limited Company and turnover reached  15469818.00 U.S. dollars.


We can fulfill most of your PCB requirements and supply a wide range of PCB board include rigid PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, metal core PCB, Hybrid PCB, HDI PCB, Microwave/RF PCB and etc.


Based on rich experience and technology understanding, with own production capability and centralized resource locally, we are able to offer you one-stop service with small, medium to mass production with competitive terms, quality and delivery assurance that customized all your request.Our products are widely applied in security & defense, industrial control, communication, medical device, automotive electronics etc. YDY has won a high recognition from worldwide clients.
Besides, we have a professional and well-experienced technical team to support you value added service of PCBA SMT and BOM sourcing .

We can support for small-medium-mass production flexibly with fast response and professional service.



Our service:


1. Quality assurance 

Establish a systematic quality management system with ISO9001、ISO13485、ISO14001、IATF16949、AS9100C、GB T2333、Nadcap、OHSAS18001 and UL.

Ensuring quality and its consistent improvement are the two main guidelines of our company.

Our advanced PCB technology allows us to provide high precision boards suitable for industrial, electronic, aerospace, medical,LED and ect applications.

We are continuously investing top-level base materials and advanced equipments for fully automated production lines, which enables us to offer our customers high throughput with consistently high quality.

2. Fast & Safe transportation 

We use multi-layer anti-static bag + white pearl cotton (used around the inside of the carton) + carton package to protect your PCBA.
Our mode of transport is taken according to each country's situation is different transportation, while our packaging, according to the latest customs situation, constantly updated, improved our packaging, and our stable logistics partners will deliver you PCBs faster within 3-9 working days.


3. 24 hours online service : 

Best Service with after-sales service and consultation,we have an excellent customer service driven approach to our business, unlike most sites we are consistently available via sales hotline, email, skype or Whatapp and always respond to emails within 24 hours.



Technical advice:

1. During your product development, we might recommend on how to select raw material, design of layer structure etc.
This is often done via Live Chart Support or email/Skype/Whatsapp.
We seek out areas for your cost optimization, we may advise you on how to reduce the cost of your PCB fabrication may be lowered. For example, units arrangements in panel, lay-up design or a new panel design upon your reqeustand etc.


2. Production Gerber file:
Once you confirm an order, we make the production gerber file accroding to your orginal master file. We do fully design rule check (DRC) and inspect circuit patterm, each item against our process capablity and raise engineering question (EQ) if it's necessary.


Technical support:

With massive oversea production, here are a couple of PCB checking steps we do to avoid any technical difculties upon the products' arrival.
1. Using the CAM program to do visual inspection of the product to identify any production flaws
2. Open for custom design for panel size, panel surface treatment and etc.
3. Eliminate any information that could cause information leak and imprecise interpretations

4. Verification and clarification on orders' designs and requirements prior the mass production. For example, contour markings, tolerance of holes, contours and width of conductor.
5. Instant Sample Quote
6. Place Instant Online Order
7. Live Chart Support of Technical Queries.
After we receive your design, we will first estimate the production cost and determine if the design is technically producible. Then, we will inform the customers' total cost among any possible changes. In order to produce a perfect PCB for customers, slight modifcations and changes are often necessary. Such as the space of the panel, ways of furnishing the surface, size of the layers, choices of the materials, methods of protection and the design of the layout.




Q1: How long can get the quotation?
A:  Within 1 workdays after get your manufacturing files.


Q2: What kind of PCB file format can you accept for production?


Q3: Are my PCB files safe when I submit them to you for manufacturing?
A: We attach great importance to customer privacy and will sign NDA agreements with customers to protect customer privacy.


Q4: No PCB file/Gbr file, only have the PCB sample,can you produce it for me?
A: Yes,we could help you to clone the PCB. Just send the sample PCB to us, we could clone the PCB design and work out it.


Q5: What is lead time?
A: Sample:
1-2 Layers: 5 to 7working days
4-8 Layers: 12 working days
Mass production:
1-2 Layers:7 to 15 working days
4-8 Layers:10 to 18 working days
The leadtime is depends on your final confirmed quantity.


Q6: What payment do you accept ?
A: - Wire Transfer(T/T)
- Western Union
- Letter of Credit(L/C)
- Ali Pay
- Credit Cart


Q7: How to get the PCBs?
A: For small packages, we will ship the boards to you by DHL,UPS,FedEx,EMS. Door to door delivery service! You will get your PCBs at your home.
For heavy goods more than 300kg, we may ship your boards by ship or by air to save freight cost. Of course, if you have your own forwarder, we may contact them for dealing with your shipment.


Q8: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: No MOQ.


Q9: How about your factory production capacity?
A:we can provide 5000 square meter/week.


Q10: Which countries have you worked with?
A: US, UK, Canada, Italy, Algeria, France,Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan, and so on.

Our Team

All your orders will be receiving a free engineering file review service from our trained and professional technicians before you pay in the most timely manner. Whenever you have any problems, you can always reach online customer service person to respond to your emails or messages. Our service people will follow your orders from the time you submit your Gerber file to the minute you receive your PCB and assembled PCBs in a satisfactory mood.


We has bridle-wise manage team ,design team and QC team ,and can supply customer their desired sample in the earliest date , arrange your order correctly, strictly control the mass production quality and lead time , and let the business goes smoothly !


Sales Service
• 24 hours online service
• Provide details about the production files from customers, like BOM, Gerber,Circuit diagram and ect
• Assign engineers for analysis and quotation(or Customized solution designs)
• 360° vedio visits to our production and R&D base


After-Sales Service
• Lifetime service
• We will never exempt our responsibilities on product owned defects.
• Responding time: upon receiving user’s notification, we ensure 24-hour after-sales technical support.
• Spare parts: necessary spare parts are provided together with products to customers.
• Free technical support: integrative and normative technology training is available for free to customers by our technical personnel to ensure they are skilled in regular operations of hardware and software of products and they are able to estimate and solve small problems.
• Investigation: our after-sales team will phone the user every month to follow up the working condition of the products, and to discover and solve



Business Sales Department

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Our technical department organization structure:

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Organizational structure:

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Box building department:

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YDY Senior Executive Team work with you:


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