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Four PCB circuit board cleaning tips

May 5, 2021

      PCB circuit board is widely used in China. Pollutants will be produced in the manufacturing process of printed circuit board, including dust and debris in the manufacturing process such as the residue of solder and adhesive.If the PCB board can not effectively ensure the clean surface, resistance and leakage will lead to the failure of the PCB board, thus affecting the service life of the product.Therefore, cleaning the PCB board in the manufacturing process is an important step.The following is YDY finishing four PCB board cleaning tips !

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  • Four PCB circuit board cleaning tips :

  •       Semi-water cleaning mainly uses organic solvents and deionized water, plus a certain amount of active agents, additives composed of cleaning agent.This cleaning is between solvent cleaning and water cleaning.These cleaners are organic solvents, flammable solvents, high flash point, low toxicity, safe to use, but must be rinsed with water and then let dry.

  •       Water purification technology is the development direction of clean technology in the future. It is necessary to establish pure water source and discharge water treatment workshop.With water as the cleaning medium, surfactants, additives, corrosion inhibitors and chelators are added in water to form a series of water-based cleaning agents.Water solvents and non-polar contaminants can be removed.

  •       For the welding process without clean flux or clean solder paste, directly into the next process of cleaning after welding, no longer free cleaning technology is the most commonly used alternative technology, especially the mobile communication products are basically disposable method to replace ODS.Solvent cleaning is mainly used to dissolve solvents to remove contaminants.Solvent cleaning because of its fast volatilization, strong solubility and other characteristics, the requirements of simple equipment.