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How to control the quality in the process of SMT patch production

May 5, 2021

     latest company news about How to control the quality in the process of SMT patch production

In SMT patch production, the loss of solder paste, patch adhesive and electronic components should be managed as one of the key process control contents.SMT patch production can directly affect the quality of products, so it is necessary to control the processing parameters, process, staff, equipment, materials, production, processing and testing, workshop environment and other factors.

      There should be a clear post responsibility system for key posts.The operating staff of patch processing should be trained and evaluated strictly, and be on duty with certificates.SMT processing factory should have a perfect regular production management way, such as the implementation of the first article inspection, self-inspection, mutual inspection and inspector inspection system, procedure, inspection unqualified cannot turn on to the next working procedure.

      1、Product batch management.The nonconforming product control procedure shall clearly specify the isolation, identification, recording, review and disposal of nonconforming products.Usually SMA repairs should not exceed three times and electronic components should not exceed two times.

      2. Maintenance of SMT patch production equipment.The key equipment should be inspected by full-time maintenance staff to keep the equipment in good condition all the time, track and monitor the equipment state, timely find out problems, take corrective and preventive measures, and timely maintain and repair.

3. Production environment


① Water and electricity supply.

② SMT patch production line environmental requirements ---- temperature, humidity, noise, cleanliness.

SMT patch production and processing site (including electronic components library) anti-static system.

④ The entry and exit system, equipment operation rules, processing technology discipline of SMT patch production line.

      4. The production site should be reasonably fixed and marked correctly;Warehouse materials, in - process products classified storage, neatly arranged, accounts consistent.

      5. Civilized production.Including: clean, no sundries;Civilized operation, no savage disorderly operation behavior.The site management should have system, inspection, assessment and record, and do a good job of "6S"(sorting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, accomplishment and service) activities every day.

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