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PCBA processing the selection of components and substrates

April 30, 2021

PCBA processing is a general name, it includes (PCB circuit board manufacturing, PCB proofing patch, SMT patch processing, electronic components procurement) these several parts.Before 2015, the model was that customers would find PCB board factory to make samples separately and electronic component suppliers to buy components. After these two items were completed, they would send them together to SMT factory for production.Since 2017, there have been many companies in China that have integrated the above three items, and those companies that can integrate the above are called PCBA manufacturers.

latest company news about PCBA processing the selection of components and substrates

So since involve all outsourcing to SMT patch factory,We also need to know how the supplier chooses the electronic components and PCB boards during processing, and what standards there are.Today, let's share some relevant knowledge:


  • 1、 The selection of electronic components

  • The selection of electronic components should take full account of the actual total area of SMB and use conventional electronic components as far as possible.Can not blindly pursue small size electronic components, in order to increase the cost, IC devices should pay attention to the shape of the pin and pin spacing, the QFP of less than 0.5mm pin spacing should be carefully considered, it is better to directly choose the BGA package device.In addition, consideration should be given to the packaging form of electronic components, end electrode size, PCB solderability, reliability of SMT devices, and temperature resistance (such as adaptability to lead-free soldering).

  • After selecting good electronic components, the electronic components database must be established, including the installation size, pin size and SMT manufacturers and other relevant information.


  • 2、 the selection of plate

  • The substrate should be selected according to the SMB operating conditions and mechanical and electrical equipment characteristics;According to the SMB structure to determine the number of copper clad foil surface (single, double or multi-layer SMB) of the substrate;Determine the thickness of the substrate according to the size of the SMB and the quality of the electronic components per unit area.The cost of different types of materials varies greatly. In the selection of SMB substrates, the requirements of electrical equipment characteristics, Tg (glass transition temperature), CTE, roughness and other factors, as well as the ability of hole metallization, price and other factors should be considered.

  • The above is YDY to the industry lowdown some simple combing. I hope my sharing can help you!