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What is PCBA and what is the difference between PCBA and PCB

May 5, 2021

I firmly believe that many people are not unfamiliar with the PCB circuit board, may be often heard in life, but may not grasp the PCBA, and even will be confused with the PCB.So what is a PCB?

latest company news about What is PCBA and what is the difference between PCBA and PCB

What is the PCB

PCB is the general name of Printed-circuitboard. In Chinese, it is called PCB circuit board, because it is made by paper making of electronic devices, so it is called "packaging printed" circuit board.PCB is the key component of electronic devices in the electronic industry. It is the support body of electronic components and the medium to protect the grounding of electronic components.PCB has long been widely used in the production and processing of electronic equipment, and can often be widely used. Its distinctive characteristics can be summarized as follows:


1、High relative density, small size, light weight, which is conducive to the miniaturization of electronic products.

2、Because the drawing has repeatability and consistency, the errors and omissions of wiring and installation are reduced, and the time of maintenance, adjustment and inspection of machine and equipment is saved.

3、It is conducive to mechanical automation and automatic production, improves labor efficiency and reduces the engineering cost of electronic products.

4、the design scheme can be standardized, conducive to exchange.


What is the PCBA

PCBA is the general name of Printed-circuitboard +Assembly. In other words, PCBA is the whole process of PCB empty board SMT and DIP software.

Note: SMT and DIP are both ways to integrate parts on the PCB board. The key difference is that SMT does not need to drill holes in the PCB. In the DIP, the PIN PIN of the part must be inserted into the drilled holes.


SMT (SurfaceMountedTechnology) surface patch technology, the key use of paste is to paste some small, medium and small parts on the PCB board, its production process is: PCB accurate positioning, packaging and printing solder paste, paste paste, back to the welding furnace and make the test.

DIP stands for "software", which is to insert parts into the PCB plate. It is a way of integrating parts that are large and uncomfortable to choose software for the stacking technology.The key production process is: adhesive, software, testing, wave soldering machine, brush plate and finish testing.


* The difference between PCB and PCBA *

From the above detailed introduction, we can understand that PCBA specifically refers to a production and processing step, but also to the finished PCB circuit board, also on the PCB board process has been completed before it can be counted as PCBA.A PCB is an empty printed circuit board with no parts on it.

To sum up:PCBA is a finished product board;The PCB is a bare board.