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What is the process of SMT patch processing quality inspection

May 5, 2021

      What are the processes for SMT patch processing quality inspection?The quality policy to interconnect SMT SMT processing with a high rate of one-time compliance and reliability requires the operation of PCB scheme design, electronic components, materials, processing processes, machinery and equipment, management systems, etc.Among them, the process management based on preparedness is particularly important in the SMT manufacturing industry.In each step of the whole process of patch processing, production and manufacturing, it is necessary to follow an effective detection method to prevent a variety of shortcomings and security risks before entering the next process.

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       The quality inspection of patch processing includes quality inspection, processing technology inspection and surface assembly board inspection.Product quality problems found in the whole process of testing can be corrected according to the repair status.The rerepair cost of defective products found in quality inspection, solder aid paste packaging and printing and welding pre-grinding is relatively low, and the harm to the credibility of electronic equipment is relatively small.

       But the repair of unqualified products after welding is completely different.Since post-welding maintenance needs to start from scratch after de-welding, in addition to working hours and raw materials, electronic components and circuit boards will also be damaged.According to the analysis of shortcomings, the whole process of SMT patch processing quality detection can reduce the rate of unqualified, reduce the cost of repair and maintenance, from the root to prevent the generation of quality damage.

       SMT processing and welding inspection are the omni-directional inspection of welding products.General need to test the points are: test whether the welding surface is smooth, there are no holes, etc.;Whether the welding is half moon, there is no tin less tin, there is no monument, moving parts, leakage, tin beads and other shortcomings.Whether the components have different levels of shortcomings;Check whether there is short circuit fault, on-off defects during welding, check the color change of the surface of printed circuit board.

       In order to ensure the welding quality of printed circuit board in the whole process of SMT patch processing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the main parameters of reflow furnace processing are effective from beginning to end.If the basic parameters are not good, it is impossible to ensure the welding quality of printed circuit board welding.Therefore, in all normal conditions, temperature control must be tested twice a day, ultra-low temperature detection once.Only gradually improve the temperature curves of the welding products, and set the temperature curves of the welding products. The working ability guarantees the quality of the processed goods.