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4 layer flexible pcb For Led Strip Eagle Cad

4 layer flexible pcb For Led Strip Eagle Cad

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    Flexible Pcb For Led Strip


    eagle flexible pcb


    flexible pcb eagle cad

  • Name
    LED Flexible PCB Strip Flexible PCBs Circuit Board
  • Base Copper Thicknessg
    1/3 Oz To 8oz
  • Min Hole Size(diameter)
  • Base Material
    PI, PET, Electrolytic Copper, Rolled Copper
  • Min.Line Width/Spacing
  • Number Of Layers
    1-8 Layer
  • Surface Finish
    Immersion Gold,OSP,Immersion Silver,Immersioni Tin
  • Stiffener
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO13485, IATF16949, ISO9001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    PCB: Vacuum Packing/ PCBA: ESD Packing
  • Delivery Time
    1-5 working days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    150000 Pieces per Month

4 layer flexible pcb For Led Strip Eagle Cad

LED Flexible PCB Strip Flexible PCBs circuit Board copying



Flexible circuits (also variously referred to around the globe as flex circuits, flexible printed circuit boards, flex print, Flexi-circuits) are members of electronic and interconnection family. They consist of a thin insulating polymer film having conductive circuit patterns affixed thereto and typically supplied with a thin polymer coating to protect the conductor circuits. The technology has been used for interconnecting electronic devices since the 1950s in one form or another. It is now one of the most important interconnection technologies in use for the manufacture of many of today's most advanced electronic products.



FPC Capability


FPC Capability
Product types
Single layer, double layer,multi-layer, hollow FPC, separated-layer FPC, flex-rigid
1-14 layer flex pcb, 2-14 layer flex-rigid pcb
Maximum finished board size
Board thickness
FPC,0.06-0.4mm; Flex-rigid PCB, 0.25-6.0mm
Min. trace width & spacing
Base material
PI, PET, Electrolytic Copper, Rolled Copper
Tolerance for finished product
Copper thickness
12UM, 18UM, 36UM, 70UM
PTH Hole Dia.Tolerance(plated-through-hole)
Impedance Control of Finished Product
50Ω - 120Ω
Acceptance criteria
Factory production standard, GB;IPC-650, IPC-6012, IPC-6013 II, IPC-6013 III, etc




(1) It can be freely bent, wound, folded, can be arranged arbitrarily according to the spatial layout requirements, and can be arbitrarily moved and expanded in three-dimensional space, thereby achieving integration of component assembly and wire connection.


(2) The use of FPC can greatly reduce the size and weight of electronic products, and is suitable for the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization, and high reliability. Therefore, FPC has been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications, laptop computers, computer peripherals, PDA, digital cameras and other fields or products.


(3) FPC also has the advantages of good heat dissipation and solderability, easy assembly, and low cost. The design of soft and hard combination makes up for the slight shortage of flexible substrate in the bearing capacity of components.


Thsse benefits make flex PCBs ideally fit for a wide range of applications in industries such as Military, Transportation, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Communications and Industrial.

4 layer flexible pcb For Led Strip Eagle Cad


The Basic Structure of FPCB


Based on the analysis of the basic structure of the FPCB, it is found that the materials that make up the FPCB are insulating substrate, adhesive, metal conductive layer (copper foil) and covering layer.


1 Copper Film

(1) Copper foil: basically divided into the electrolytic copper and the rolled copper. The common thickness is 1oz 1/2oz and 1/3oz.

(2) Substrate film: the common thickness is 1mil and 1/2mil

(3) Glue (adhesive): the thickness is determined according to the requirements of the customer.


2 Cover Film

(1) Cover Film: for surface insulation. The common thickness is 1 mil and 1/2 mil.

(2) Glue (adhesive): the thickness is determined according to the requirements of the customer.

(3) Release paper: avoid the adhesive adhering to foreign objects before pressing, and make it easy to operate.


3 PI Stiffener Film

(1) PI Stiffener Film: stiffener the mechanical strength of FPC to facilitate surface mounting operation. The common thickness ranges from 3 mil to 9 mil.

(2 )Glue (adhesive): the thickness is determined according to the requirements of the customer.

(3) EMI: electromagnetic shielding film, which protects the circuit board from external interference (strong electromagnetic area or susceptible area).


FPC Application:

1. Camera, digital camera, DV
2. Printer, fax machine, scanner
3. Laptop, LCD screen, CD-ROM drive, hard disk, HDD
4. Recorderhead, laser bald, VCD, DVD
5 Car, car DVD, auto meter, GPS
6. Aerospace, satellite
7. Medical equipment
8. Instrumentation
9. Digital camera/CCTV camera/Drones/Home Appliance
10. Car electronics/Toy for Children and ect.
4 layer flexible pcb For Led Strip Eagle Cad
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4 layer flexible pcb For Led Strip Eagle Cad

4 layer flexible pcb For Led Strip Eagle Cad