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2 Oz Rigid Flex Pcbs Flexible Circuit Boards Main Pcb Assembly

2 Oz Rigid Flex Pcbs Flexible Circuit Boards Main Pcb Assembly

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    2Oz Rigid Flex Pcbs


    2 Oz Rigid Flex Pcb


    2Oz flexible circuit board

  • Service
    Rigid Flexible PCB
  • Type
    High Quality Custom Electronics Device Rigid Flexible PCB Turnkey Pcba
  • Surface
    HASL Lf/Enig/OSP
  • Min. Hole Size
  • Copper Thickness
  • Min. Line Width
  • Component Packaging
    Cut Tape,Tube,Reels,Loose Parts
  • Application
    Electronics Device
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  • Certification
    ISO13485, IATF16949, ISO9001,IOS14001
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    Vacuum packing or Anti-static package,Outer:export carton or according to the customer's requirement.
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    1-15 working days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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2 Oz Rigid Flex Pcbs Flexible Circuit Boards Main Pcb Assembly

High Quality Custom Electronics Device Rigid Flexible PCB Turnkey Pcba



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1. Rapid Prototyping Pcb Assembly

2. One stop service Pcb Fabrication

3. Two Sided PCB Assembly

4. Pcba Module

5. 3D printing

6. Dc Controller Pcb Board Assembly

7. Lead Free Pcb Assembly

8.Through Hole Pcb Design

9. PCB Assembly Flexible

10. PCBA copy service


Rigid-Flex PCB – Technical specification

Feature NCAB´s technical specification
Number of layers 4-16 layers
Technology highlights Mixed materials including RF and high speed, standard FR-4, polyimide flex. Adhesiveless or adhesive based polyimide flex constructions, with cover coat or flexible solder mask materials.
Bending performance Based on the specific design, the bend performance can range from a basic 90 °bend to fit to a full dynamic flex with 360° range of motion in the flex tail that will withstand continuous cycles throughout the product life.
Bend features Bend radius controls the flexibility of the flex portion of the board. The thinner the material the lower the bend radius and the more flexible the flex section.
Materials RA copper, HTE copper, FR-4, polyimide, adhesive
Copper weights (finished) ½ ounce, 1 ounce, 2 ounce, 3 ounce
Minimum track and gap 0.075mm / 0.075mm
PCB thickness 0.4mm to 3mm
PCB thickness in flex section 0.05mm to 0.8mm
Maxmimum dimensions 457mm to 610mm
Surface finishes available ENIG, OSP Immersion tin, Immersion silver
Minimum mechanical drill 0.20mm

Flex to install is the most common type of rigid flex PCB application. In this circuit application, the board folds only once when the device is assembled or removed. Apart from this, the flex part of the board remains stable throughout use; though some movement may occur in the case of high vibration applications.


By contrast, it is sometimes necessary for a PCB to be able to fold and bend repeatedly during end product use. This type of circuit application is known as dynamic flex. It requires special consideration to ensure the flexible portion of the board can withstand repeated wear. When designed with an appropriate bend radius, these circuit boards can be trusted to last for hundreds of thousands of flex cycles without issue.



Available structures for rigid flex PCBs

There are numerous, different structures available. The more common ones are defined below:


Traditional rigid flex construction (IPC-6013 type 4) Multilayer rigid and flexible circuit combination containing three or more layers with plated through holes. Capability is 22L with 10L flex layers.
Asymmetrical rigid flex construction, where the FPC is situated on the outer layer of the rigid construction. Containing three or more layers with plated through holes.
Multilayer rigid flex construction with buried / blind via (microvia) as part of the rigid construction. 2 layers of microvia are achievable. Construction may also include two rigid structures as part of a homogeneous build. Capability is 2+n+2 HDI structure.


Rigid flex PCBs have the following advantages:


1. Survive high levels of shock and vibration
2. Survive hundreds of thousands of flex cycles
3. Reduce package weight
4. Increase circuit density
5. Decrease necessary assembly operations



Rigid Flexible PCB that we made for customers:

2 Oz Rigid Flex Pcbs Flexible Circuit Boards Main Pcb Assembly 0


Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Co., Ltd is a professional and high-tech PCB manufacturer which focus on producing double sided PCB, multi-layer PCB and PCB Assemble.Our factory is about 9000 square meters and we have more than 5000 employees, with production capacity 18,000,000 square meters annual.We always strive to provide the best service to our customers with creative solutions and stable product quality. We are equipped with solid technical strength and advanced manufacturing lines. Meanwhile, we are always keeping high quality and efficiency with a spirit of working in earnest and harmony.

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Q1. How to keep our product information and design file secret ?
We are willing to sign a NDA effect by customers side local law and promising to keep customers data in high confidential level.


Q2. What is needed for PCB & PCBA quotation?
For PCB: Quantity, Gerber file and technic requirements (material,size, surface finish treatment, copper thickness,board thickness).For PCBA: PCB information, BOM,Testing documents.


Q3. What’s the MOQ?
We are able to handle Small as well as large volume production with flexibility.


Q4. How can we guarantee you receive an good quality product?

For PCB, we will use Flying Probe Test, E-test etc. for it.
For PCBA, we need you to offer us a method or test fixture for the function test.Before that, our inspectors will use microscope and X-ray to check the IC footwelding or bad solder etc.


Q5. What is the main application of your PCBA service?

Industrial commander, and other industrial devices.

Medical equipments main board.

Security electronics

Communicative devices

New energy electronics