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Rogers Pcb Board Stuffing double sided printed circuit board

Rogers Pcb Board Stuffing double sided printed circuit board

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    Rogers Pcb Board Assembly


    Rogers Pcb Board Stuffing


    pcb stuffing

  • Name
    RogersElectronic PCB Assembly PCBA Double Sided PCB Assembly
  • Service
    Double Sided PCB Assembly
  • Min. Line Spacing
  • Soldermask Bridge Width
    0.1mm(5mil) Min./0.08mm(3mils) Min.
  • Board Cutting
  • Copper Weight
  • Inner Package
    Vacuum Packing
  • Outline Tolerance
    0.125mm(5mil) CNC Routing;+/-0.15mm(6mil) By Punching
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO13485, IATF16949, ISO9001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Anti-static bag + white pearl cotton (used around the inside of the carton) + carton
  • Delivery Time
    1-5 working days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

Rogers Pcb Board Stuffing double sided printed circuit board

RogersElectronic PCB Assembly PCBA Double Sided PCB Assembly



With Our Professional Departments, We Can Offer:

1. PCB Design
2. PCB Manufacture: PCB file or Gerber file needed
3. PCB PCBA SMD SMT Assembly: Bom list needed
4. Electronic Design
5. Reverse Engineering - PCB Copy, PCB Clone, IC Decode
6. Components Procurement
7. PCB PCBA Finished Product Test
8. Mass-Production



PCB capability:


Item Specification  
1 Numbr of Layer 1-16 Layers (standard)
2 Material FR4, Aluminum, FPC
3 Surface Finish HASL(LF), Gold plating, Enig,Immersion gold, Immersion Tin, OSP
4 Finish Board Thickness 0.2mm-6.00 mm(8mil-126mil)
5 Copper Thickness 1/2 oz min;12 oz max
6 Solder Mask Green/Black/White/Red/Blue/Yellow
7 Min.Trace Width & Line Spacing 0.075mm/0.1mm(3mil/4mil)
8 Min.Hole Diameter for CNC Driling 0.1mm(4mil)
9 Min.Hole Diameter for punching 0.9mm(35mil)
10 Biggest panel size 610mm*508mm
11 Hole Positon +/-0.075mm(3mil) CNC Driling
12 Conductor Width(W) 0.05mm(2mil)or;+/-20% of original artwork
13 Hole Diameter(H) PTH L:+/-0.075mm(3mil);Non-PTH L:+/-0.05mm(2mil)
14 Outline Tolerance 0.125mm(5mil) CNC Routing;+/-0.15mm(6mil) by Punching
15 Warp & Twist 0.70%
16 Insulation Resistance 10Kohm-20Mohm
17 Conductivity <50ohm
18 Test Voltage 10-300V
19 Panel Size 110×100mm(min);660×600mm(max)
20 Layer-layer misregistration 4 layers:0.15mm(6mil)max;6 layers:0.25mm(10mil)max
21 Min.spacing between hole edge to circuity pattern of an inner layer 0.25mm(10mil)
22 Min.spacing between board ouline to circuitry pattern of an inner layer 0.25mm(10mil)
23 Board thickness tolerance 4 layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil);6 layers:+/-0.15mm(6mil)
24 Impedance Control +/-10%
25 Different Impendance +-/10%



How to Distinguish Single-sided PCB from the Double-sided Circuit Board?

Someone may feel confused that if one Double-sided PCB, wires on both sides while Electronic parts only one hand, is this a Double-sided board or a single one? The answer is obvious. This kind of board is a Double-sided board; it’s just installing a component on the Double-sided board. So the question is if a double-sided PCB has circuits on both sides, but only one side has electronic accessories, is it a double-sided PCB or a single-sided PCB? The answer is obvious. This kind of board is a double-sided circuit board. It only installs a component on the double-sided PCB.


Double-sided circuit boards are one of the most popular types of PCBs as they enable manufacturers to produce more complex circuits, which can benefit uses in higher technology applications and electronics. There is an abundance of apps and electronics which double-sided PCBs can be used in, including lighting systems, vending machines, amplifiers, car dashboards, and many more.

Double Layers PCB expands design capability and reduces physical sizes.


Rogers Pcb Board Stuffing double sided printed circuit board 0


Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Co., Ltd business scope includes SMT (SMT) process, wave soldering process, raw materials and spare parts procurement and management process, engineering design, parts production services such as development and testing


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Q1. How can we ensure our information should not let third party to see our design?
We are willing to sign NDA effect by customer side local law and promising to keep customers date in high confidential level in all projects.

Q2. What service do you have?
We provide turnkey solution including RD, PCB fabrication, SMT, final assembly,testing and other value-added service.

Q3. Please note that the following detail will speed up evaluation:
Board thickness:
Copper thickness:Surface finish:
Solder mask color:
Silkscreen color:


Q4. Do you offer quick turn PCB Assembly ?
Yes, we offer 24 hours quick turn PCB Assembled Solution without sacrifice the quality of the PCB Board.


Q5. With payment terms do we accept?
For sample order or small batch, we suggest you to use Pay-pal and Western Union.For mass production batch, we suggest you to use T/T.


Q6. How can we guarantee you receive an good quality product?
For PCB, we will use Flying Probe Test, E-test etc. for it.
For PCBA, we need you to offer us a method or test fixture for the function test.Before that, our inspectors will use microscope and X-ray to check the IC footwelding or bad solder etc.



Q7. What are the main products of your PCB/PCBA service?

Automotive, medical, Industrial control, Internet of Things, Smart home, military, Aerospace.


Q8. What payment do you accept ?
T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A etc.