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ISO Medical PCB Assembly 100% AOI Testing Single Double-sided Green LPI Silk Screen Thru-hole SMT

ISO Medical PCB Assembly 100% AOI Testing Single Double-sided Green LPI Silk Screen Thru-hole SMT

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Sky-Win Technology



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Product Details
Finished Board Thickness:
0.2-7.0mm For Medical PCBA
Dielectric Thickness:
0.05mm, 0.075mm, 0.1mm,0.15mm,0.2mm
Assembly Details:
SMT And Thru-hole, ISO SMT And DIP Lines
Bga Pitch:
0.3 Mm ~3.0 Mm
Silk Screen:
Single Double-sided Green LPI Etc
Testing Service:
100% AOI
Finish Treatment:
HASL Lead Free,Immersion Gold,ENIG 3u''
Test Service:
E-test/AOI/X-RAY/Function Test
Base Material:
FR-4,Aluminum,CEM-1 OR FR-4,alum
Board Thickness:
Min. Hole Size:
Electronic Medical PCB Assembly
Solder Mask:
Green/black/white/red/blue Etc.
Product Name:
Printed Circuit Board Medical PCB Assembly
Industry/Medical/Consumer Electronic
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
5-10 working days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability
100000 pcs
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Product Description

ISO Medical PCB Assembly 100% AOI Testing Single Double-sided Green LPI Silk Screen Thru-hole SMT



Expert Medical PCB Manufacturing and Assembly by Skywin

In the highly specialized medical industry, electronic devices are synonymous with precision, accuracy, and unwavering reliability. These devices often rely on the heart of electronics, the PCB, or printed circuit board, necessitating not only quality but also stringent sanitary controls. To achieve the critical standards of medical PCBs, a partner with a proven track record is essential.

Enter Skywin, your premier partner in medical PCB prowess. Revered in the industry for leading-edge medical device circuit board manufacturing, Skywin brings years of dedicated service and expertise. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering as we deliver medical PCB assembly services and contract manufacturing tailored to the stringent needs of healthcare technology.

With meticulous adherence to all prevailing standards, Skywin’s assembly process for PCBs stands out. Our complete dedication ensures that the final product not only elevates the performance of your medical devices but also meets the highest criteria for safety and operability. Choose Skywin, and entrust your medical equipment's core to the hands of consummate professionals


Medical PCB Technical Parameter

Application Segment heart monitors, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors
PCB Layer Count 2~32Layer
Material FR4 CEM1 CEM3 Hight TG
Board Thickness 1.6mm~3.2mm
Copper Thickness 0.33oz~3oz
Size 5mm~1200mm
Pcb assembly method Mixed,BGA,SMT,Through-hole
Test Service E-test/ATest STest ServiceerviceOI/X-RAY/Function Test
Solder Mask Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, White
Surface Finish ENIG,OSP,Imm Tin,Imm Silver
Certificate IATF16949/ROHS
PCB Service OEM / ODM
PCBA in Medical Applications

PCBs, or printed circuit boards, are essential elements incorporated within a multitude of medical apparatus. These range from diagnostic systems to devices used for patient monitoring, encompassing surgical instruments and even devices that are implanted within the body. The meticulous process of PCB assembly is pivotal to ensure that these medical electronics operate with precision and reliability. This is crucial for devices that require exact measurements, advanced data handling, and specific control features.


Diagnostic and Laboratory Equipment

In the realm of medical diagnostics, PCBs find their role in facilitating the operation of sophisticated laboratory equipment. This includes machines and tools designed to analyze various biological samples and deliver diagnostic conclusions vital for further medical treatment.

Monitoring Systems and Patient Devices

Monitoring systems equipped with advanced PCBs play a significant role in the continuous observation of patient health parameters. These technological solutions are integral in tracking vital signs and ensuring patient safety both during hospital stays and post-discharge care.

Therapeutic and Surgical Instruments

Therapeutic devices and surgical tools leverage the precision of PCBs to perform critical functions during medical procedures. This ensures the delivery of targeted treatments and assists healthcare professionals in conducting surgeries with greater accuracy.

Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology

For patients undergoing rehabilitation, PCB-enabled devices offer assistance and promote recovery through innovative technology. This aids in improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities or in post-operative recovery phases.


The role of PCBs in medical imaging systems is indispensable, as they confer the ability to capture detailed images of the body's interior. This technology is foundational for radiology and is utilized in a variety of imaging techniques including X-rays, MRI, and CT scans.


Medical PCB Usage Overview

With a wealth of expertise in this specialized field, we stand as a notable producer among medical PCB manufacturers. Our history is rich with a variety of PCBs crafted specifically for the dynamic world of medical technology.

Diverse Medical Electronics Support

Over time, our facilities have met the complex demands of medical electronics by providing PCBs that integrate seamlessly into a broad spectrum of medical devices. Some notable applications include:

  • Diagnostic Imaging: Our PCBs are at the heart of X-ray computed tomography and CT scan systems, enabling detailed internal imaging.
  • Infusion System Management: We ensure accurate delivery of fluids through infusion fluid controls and peristaltic infusion technology.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Support: Devices like EMG systems and blood glucose monitors rely on our PCBs for detecting and recording physiological data.
  • Cardiac Care: Heart pacemakers and monitors utilize our PCBs to maintain critical cardiac functions.
  • Pressure and Flow Devices: We've developed PCBs that are essential in vesicle pressure measurement and flow rate and dispensing systems.
  • Vital Signs Monitoring: Our PCBs are integrated into body temperature and blood pressure monitors, ensuring consistent patient monitoring.
Ultrasonic and Neurological Applications

Our contributions to medical advancements extend to ultrasonic technology for diagnostics and treatment as well as neurological stimulus devices. This encapsulates our commitment to fostering technology that enhances health outcomes.

Each application of our medical PCBs underscores our role in furthering medical technology and our commitment to quality and reliability in healthcare innovations.


Medical PCB Packing and Shipping

Our Medical PCB Assembly products are packaged with the utmost care to ensure safe transportation and delivery. Each PCB is individually sealed in anti-static bags to prevent electrostatic discharge that could damage sensitive components. The sealed PCBs are then placed in a cushioned, rigid box that is sized appropriately to prevent movement during handling.

Furthermore, the boxes are clearly labeled with "Fragile - Handle With Care" and "Medical Equipment" to alert handlers to the sensitive nature of the contents. For large orders, boxes are securely palletized and shrink-wrapped to provide additional protection and stability.

Before shipping, we verify that the packaging meets our stringent quality standards and that all relevant documentation is included. We utilize trusted courier services specialized in the transportation of medical equipment to ensure timely and safe delivery to your specified location, with options for tracking and expedited shipping upon request.

ISO Medical PCB Assembly 100% AOI Testing Single Double-sided Green LPI Silk Screen Thru-hole SMT 0

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