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China Shenzhen Sky-Win Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Sky-Win Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Sky-Win Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2015, provide one-stop services for PCB manufacturing, component sourcing, PCB assembly and testing. We have own PCB and PCB assembly factories, and a variety of professional testing equipments.Sky-win specializes in rigid and flex double-sided and multilayered PCBs.We offer same-day turnaround for prototyping and production in as few as 7 days, along with dynamic quoting and ordering.With our domestic manufacturing facilities and state-of...
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Multilayer PCB Fabrication Customizable Circuit Board Manufacturing With FR4 Material Video

Multilayer PCB Fabrication Customizable Circuit Board Manufacturing With FR4 Material

Min Trace/Space:4/4mil

Blind/Buried Vias:Yes

Min Hole Size:0.2mm

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HASL Lead Free PCB Fabrication With Min Hole Copper Thickness 35um Min Solder Mask Dam 4mil Video

HASL Lead Free PCB Fabrication With Min Hole Copper Thickness 35um Min Solder Mask Dam 4mil

Copper Thickness:1oz

Min Hole Size:0.2mm

Min Solder Mask Dam:4mil

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IPC-A-610 PCB Fabrication Printed Circuit Board With 10 Layer Green Solder Mask Video

IPC-A-610 PCB Fabrication Printed Circuit Board With 10 Layer Green Solder Mask

Product Name:ROHS PCB Manufacturer Fast Prototype PCB

Impedance Control:Yes

Countersink/Countersunk Hole:Yes

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Customized Automotive PCB Assembly FR-4 Printed Circuit Board Assembly DIP Components Video

Customized Automotive PCB Assembly FR-4 Printed Circuit Board Assembly DIP Components

PCB Layer:2-20 Layers

Minimum Hole Size:0.2mm

Minimum Line Spacing:3mil

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Vinay Bassi
2023-06-11 16:40:12
I have been working with Sky-win for a few months on several projects. They are very professional and I am always impressed with their work.. They are able to respond and fabricate the PCB quickly even in the event of COVID-19. If you happen to be looking to develop your product, you should talk with Sky-win!
Michael Saleem
2023-06-11 16:42:49
We have been working with Sky-win for more than a year. They are very professional, work fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who wish to have their PCB made. We have also worked with other PCB manufacturers in the past (local ones), but none of them could match the quality and service like Sky-win.
Shams Rehman
2023-06-11 16:45:33
I have been working with Ms. Tiffany and her team for a while now, they are very professional and fast in response. There was an urgent request that I had to be done on time, and Ms. Tiffany and her team have been helping me to finish the PCB as soon as possible. I would recommend Sky-win for you if you need any help for your idea or product.
2023-06-13 18:53:39
We purchase PCB’s from Sky-win for the last 5 years. Our boards are high complexity 6 to 20 layers with controlled impedance and Gigabit differential signals. Excellent quality, price, and customer service. Thank you Sky-win! Highly recommended.
Brandon Dudley
2023-06-13 18:55:14
Sky-win has been a preferred vendor of mine for almost 10 years. From their quotes, to confirming purchase orders, to manufacturing our boards, Sky-win has excelled in every area. I am happy to have been partnered with them for such a long period of time. I give them a 5 star recommendation!
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Since Q1, 2023 the electronic components market has experienced a high degree of unpredictable changes, with the supply of Printed Circuit Boards being no exception. With the ongoing global pandemic which has sparked anxieties among the whole electronic manufacturing supply chain, finding the right PCB Manufacturing partner might become more challenging. Here is a shortlist of what should be taken into consideration when seeking a new electronic manufacturing partner.   Pricing   One of the most crucial factors when it comes to selecting the right partner is the financial aspects. However, it should not be the most important benchmark when making this decision for your business. Choosing the right EMS partner for your PCB assembly is a complex process that refers to not only the documentation, and production but also the supply chain.   Purchasing PCB assemblies are a complicated process. Therefore, with the attention being focused on the determining factor, which is the final price of the product, you should also look at any potential hidden costs and their consequences for your budget. If a supplier confirms a low price for a product but lacks strong manufacturing planning competencies, this can result in delays in delivery of your product and bring unnecessary additional costs.   Poorly developed planning may result in, inadequate manufactured products and this will spark an increase of complaints from your customers. As a result, you may not only potentially face additional expenses for various types of compensation, but more importantly, face costs that relate to your brand’s credibility.   Quality   Quality is an important concept when it comes to choosing the right PCB assembly provider for your business. Quality of production, the PCB board and the service the supplier is providing all should be taking into consideration.   Production quality ensures; the correct dimensions, accurately placed components, minimal board warping and most importantly that the board passes all the tests.   The quality of service that the supplier provides is more complex. You should ensure that they are not only responsive but also agile. The providers should consistently produce your products to the required specifications.   New Product Introduction (NPI)   New Product Introduction that meets customer expectations is a complicated process, which requires the collection of reliable information as well as the dedication of time and resources of the entire company. Your PCB provider must use a strategy or business model to implement new products. There are few key elements that PCB assembly suppliers should take into consideration while developing your product, these are as follows: Consistency Data Verification Batch Size Assembly Supervision Product Release Status and Reporting After following the process and the new product is established, your PCB providers must work on modifications and improvements. They should perform all the necessary tests and inspections to verify that the product is top quality.   Experience in the Industry   When it comes to PCB assembling; time and experience are essential. A well-developed PCB Assembly supplier takes years of practice; evolution, problem solving and technology. Not only the experience of the organisation but also the experience of individuals involved in the key processes is important. A strong solid foundation will let the business react and adapt more effectively to any unexpected changes. Therefore, experience in manufacturing or supply chain management is a desirable value when it comes to choosing the suitable PCB assembly provider for your business.   Price, Quality, NPI and Experience are all factors you should take into consideration as an electronic manufacturer when searching for an efficient, competitive and secure PCB Assembly provider.
Representatives of Dutch company came to sky-win for factory inspection and reached a long-term cooperation
Representatives of Dutch company came to sky-win for factory inspection and reached a long-term cooperation
Representatives of Dutch company came to sky-win for factory inspection and reached a long-term cooperation   On February 20, 2023, Mr. Maarten, the representative of the Dutch company in China, came to our company for factory inspection; Maarten is engaged in a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of F-PGA architecture and big data, the main products are hardware-based laser products, which are mainly used in autonomous driving; big data technology is mainly used in efficient compression, storage and secure transmission of data, and in 2020 participated in the development of NASA's Mars exploration operation without human-machine interaction system.     Figure 1: General Manager Lau of Sky-win Technology introducing the use and printing of solder paste to the guest representatives.     Figure 2: Mr. Lau introduced the performance of our YAMAHA YSM2R and YAMAHA YSM10, viewed the on-site production efficiency and conducted on-site operation demonstration.   Figure 3: Mr. Lau introduced the performance and daily use of BGA optical inspection equipment X-RAY. Dutch customer representatives view the SMT back-end work site (AOI, DIP wave soldering workshop, functional test pull, QA, packaging, etc.)     During the on-site inspection, Mr. Maarten made detailed and rigorous observations, inquiries and records; Mr. Liu, General Manager of Tandem Technology, introduced the operation and on-site control of the company's quality control system ISO9001 and IATF16949, the operation of the whole set of SMT+DIP+functional test+QA process, equipment capacity and performance, staff quality, skills and spirituality to the customer. The factory inspection was carried out in a friendly atmosphere.   After the whole factory inspection, Mr. Maarten gave positive affirmation to our team and said that he is assured that the products are produced in our company and the quality is guaranteed, and he hopes our cooperation will go on for a long time!
Italian customer visit Sky-win factory to discuss about PCB Assembly cooperation
Italian customer visit Sky-win factory to discuss about PCB Assembly cooperation
Italian customer visit Sky-win factory to discuss about PCB Assembly cooperation   Recently, our factory had the pleasure to welcome an important customer from Italy to discuss matters related to the cooperation of PAB Assembly. This meeting not only helps to deepen our cooperation with the Italian market, but also further enhances our company's competitiveness in the pcba industry.   During this meeting, both parties discussed various details of the PAB Assembly collaboration.   Firstly, we gave our customer a detailed introduction of our factory's production capacity and advanced production equipment. Our Sky-win Pcba manufacturing has a highly skilled team that is flexible enough to cope with all kinds of complex assembly requirements. In addition, we demonstrated our quality control processes and certification standards to ensure that the quality of each PAB Assembly meets the highest standards.   During the meeting, we actively discussed the collaboration model and project timeline with our Italian customer. We exchanged our expectations and needs for cooperation and found common points of interest. By fully understanding our customers' needs, we will provide them with tailor-made solutions to meet their requirements for PAB Assembly.   In addition, we have had in-depth discussions on quality assurance, after-sales service and supply chain management. We are committed to continuing to provide excellent quality assurance throughout our partnership and to ensure that every step of the assembly process is strictly controlled. Our after-sales service team will be on hand to provide technical support and solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and success.   At the end of the meeting, the final details of the cooperation contract were discussed and a preliminary cooperation was reached. This was a landmark moment, marking the start of a long term relationship with our Italian client.   We are confident that through our joint efforts and cooperation, the PAB Assembly partnership will bring great business opportunities and scope for growth for both parties.  
Sky-win turnkey pcbassmebly manufacturer to participate in the 11th China Electronic Information Fair (CITE2023)
Sky-win turnkey pcbassmebly manufacturer to participate in the 11th China Electronic Information Fair (CITE2023)
On April 9, 2023, the 11th China Electronics Fair (CITE2023) was successfully concluded at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As a top platform to showcase the latest products and technologies of the global electronic information industry, CITE has witnessed the magnificent course of industrial development all the way since it was first held in 2013, after eleven years of time refinement, and has become a participant in promoting technological innovation and a vane leading industrial development.     Figure 1: CITE2023, here we come! As a PCBA one-stop supplier founded in Shenzhen, growing in Shenzhen, also based in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Sky-win Technology Co., Ltd. has the honor to meet with many old and new friends from April 7 to 9, 2023 at the scene of Futian Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 1E10.       Figure 2-4: Showing details at the Exhibition     Figure 5: More love from CCTV! At the exhibition site, Mr. Lau led the partners to the visiting audience, highlighting our current focus on PCBA one-stop supplier of schematic design, software development, PCB Layout, a full set of materials on behalf of the purchase, SMT + DIP manufacturing, direct supply of boards and other OEM/ODM services, which attracted widespread attention, and also gained a lot of new friends, and more firmly our struggle determination: to be your trusted PCBA one-stop service provider. Finally, we are very grateful to our teammates for their hard work in the pre-show preparation work and show site; at the same time, we are also very grateful to the company for giving us the opportunity to exhibit as part of the exhibitors and become the brightest pup on the street!   PS: The company is ready to participate in the Western Electronics Show in Chengdu in July.
The Shenzhen High tech Fair has just concluded, Iranian Customers Visiting Immediately
The Shenzhen High tech Fair has just concluded, Iranian Customers Visiting Immediately
The Shenzhen High tech Fair has just concluded, Iranian Customers Visiting Immediately: Deeply Understanding the Production Strength of Chinese High tech Enterprises Shenzhen, November 19, 2023- Recently, the 25th China International High tech Fair (CIFTIS), which lasted for one week, successfully concluded in Shenzhen. As an important platform for showcasing and trading China's high-tech achievements, the High tech Fair has attracted industry elites and business representatives from all over the world to participate. Among them, customers from Iran showed strong interest in our booth after visiting various booths at the High tech Fair. They have gained a deep understanding of our circuit boards and related technologies, and have consulted on some professional issues. We have provided detailed and satisfactory answers to the questions raised by the customer, who expressed high satisfaction and willingness to further cooperate with us. In order to gain a deeper understanding of our production capacity and services, Iranian customers immediately visited our factory after the exhibition. Manager Lei and our team led clients to visit our PCBA production workshop and gave them a detailed introduction to our company's 7 high-speed SMT PCBA production lines, 2 DIP production lines, and 2 functional testing lines. During the visit, the customer highly recognized our production line capacity. According to the introduction, our SMT production capacity reaches 420000 chips per hour, and the post soldering production capacity reaches 54000 chips per hour. The customer's face showed a satisfied smile, indicating that this would greatly improve their production efficiency in the local market. After the visit, the customer expressed appreciation for our factory and expressed confidence in our next step of cooperation, seeing such advanced production lines and excellent production capacity. They look forward to deepening cooperation in more fields in the future and jointly promoting the development of both companies. This High tech Fair not only provides us with a platform to showcase our own strength and technology, but also brings us potential partners and business opportunities. We look forward to more opportunities in the future to communicate and cooperate with customers from all over the world, and jointly promote the development of the global technology industry.  
The 25th Hi-Tech Fair Concluded Perfectly
The 25th Hi-Tech Fair Concluded Perfectly
#CHTF2023 Congratulations!!! hashtag#chinahitechfair hashtag#CHTF hashtag#shenzhenskywinPCBAssembly #hitech# Last week,we are as a professional service provider to exhibit PCB Assembly turnkey solution during the 25th China Hi-tech Fair. Our team was successful, providing highly professional service to out new clients. I hope we all can meet again next Year! hashtag#PCB hashtag#SMT hashtag#DIP hashtag#BGA   Thank you very much again to all the customers who came to our booth, thank you for your recognition and support! As a one-stop PCBA supplier, Tiandesheng Technology is committed to providing high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-cost PCBA one-stop manufacturing services to global customers. The products we serve cover a variety of electronic equipment, such as communication equipment, computer peripherals, industrial control, smart homes, etc. Our team has many years of experience in the PCBA industry and can provide you with a full range of solutions, including schematic design, PCB Layout, PCB production, BOM distribution, SMT, DIP, test packaging and other OEM/ODM manufacturing services. We have a strict quality management system and have passed IATF16949 quality system certification. We have experienced marketing personnel, one-to-one service, 24 hours online; high quality, high efficiency, just for better service!   Let us recall the wonderful moments of the exhibition together!      
The 11th China (Western) Electronic Information Expo, SKY-WIN Technology and You Meet Chengdu
The 11th China (Western) Electronic Information Expo, SKY-WIN Technology and You Meet Chengdu
The China (Western) Electronic Information Expo has entered its eleventh year and has developed into a large-scale, comprehensive industrial chain, and rich activity event with international influence in the western region. The 11th China (Western) Electronic Information Expo was launched from July 13 to 15, 2023 at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, with the establishment of the Digital Industry Hall and the Basic Electronics Hall, which will showcase the new development achievements and application scenarios of the electronic information industry in the western region. Mr. Lau the founder of Shenzhen SKY-WIN Technology Co., Ltd., as a Sichuan native who has been drifting deeply for 18 years, accompanied the company team to receive a review from fellow villagers at Hall 8 3C101; Shenzhen SKY-WIN Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2015, specializing in OEM/ODM one-stop services such as PCBA solution customization, PCBA OEM materials, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in post welding, testing and assembly. Since its establishment, the company has successively passed ISO9001, IATF16949 quality management system certification, and national high-tech enterprise certification, and has received unanimous praise from many customers. It has also been awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier" multiple times. SKY-WIN company has 7 fully automatic SMT production lines and 1 wave soldering production line, a constant temperature, humidity, and dust-free workshop, with complete supporting equipment, fully meeting the requirements of rapid delivery and reliable quality for trial production sampling, large, medium, and small batch order production; Received recognition and cooperation from numerous customers in fields such as automotive electronics, industrial control electronics, medical electronics, and new energy;   PCBA Service Display Scope PCBA one-stop manufacturing service project: solution customization+full set material procurement+SMT+DIP+testing and assembly; Solution customization service process: schematic design+software development+PCB layout; BOM allocation service process: PCB manufacturing+electronic material procurement+domestic substitution; Manufacturing service process: SMT+DIP+AOI+X-Ray irradiation analysis+functional testing+CNC panel splitting+three proofing paint spraying+assembly packaging; Process: lead-free and environmentally friendly; Quality assurance: Fully implement and certify the IATF16949 quality system; PCBA processing capacity: hard board+soft board+soft hard combination board, with a daily production capacity of 1000W chips; PCB size: width * 50MM small, length * 400MM long; Material accuracy: * Small package 01005+* Small BGA spacing 0.3MM; Manufacturing service fields: industrial control, medical equipment, Internet of Things, smart home, communication equipment, automotive electronics, new energy; After sales service: one year.
Russian customers visited the company's PCBA production workshop and expressed high appreciation for the PCBA production line
Russian customers visited the company's PCBA production workshop and expressed high appreciation for the PCBA production line
November 1, 2013- Shenzhen Sky-win Technology Co., Ltd. recently received a group of customers from Russia. During this visit, the clients conducted an in-depth visit and understanding of the company's PCBA production workshop, and highly praised the company's production equipment and capacity. General Manager Law personally accompanied the customer to visit the PCBA production workshop and introduced the company's advanced PCBA production equipment and efficient production capacity to the customer in detail. Mr. Liu emphasized that Tiandesheng Technology Company has a leading SMT PCBA production line in the industry, which gives the company strong strength in producing high-quality and high-precision PCBA. During the visit, customers highly appreciated the company's production equipment, technical strength, and clean and orderly working environment. They expressed that seeing the strong strength of Tiandesheng Technology has given them confidence in the next step of cooperation with the company. Since its establishment, Shenzhen Sky-win Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing customers with high-quality PCBA production services. The company has advanced production equipment, professional technical team, and strict quality management system, which makes Tiandesheng Technology enjoy a good reputation in the industry.   Regarding the visit of a Russian customer, Sky-win Technology stated that this is an affirmation of the company's technical strength and production capacity, and also a driving force for the company to continuously improve service quality. In the future, Tiandesheng Technology will continue to adhere to the service concept of "customer-centric" and provide higher quality and more professional PCBA production services to global customers. Shenzhen Sky-win Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to establishing partnerships with more domestic and foreign enterprises to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the electronic manufacturing industry.    
Shenzhen Sky-Win Technology Co., Ltd. will participate The 25th China International Hi-Tech Fair 2023
Shenzhen Sky-Win Technology Co., Ltd. will participate The 25th China International Hi-Tech Fair 2023
The 25th China International Hi-Tech Fair 2023 is coming, welcome to visit us.   Sky-win PCBA manufacturing is waiting for you guys.   Exhibiter name: The 25th China International Hi-Tech Fair 2023 Booth NO. :3B20 Time: From November 15, 2023 November 19, 2023 Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian), Guangdong Province, China We are looking forward to the close and nice talk with you soon. E-mail: Phone number: +86-15899975147(Same as WhatsAPP)   Innovation drives development and wisdom empowers the future Introduction to the Hi-Tech Fair Approved by the State Council, the 25th China International High-tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Hi-Tech Fair), hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, will be held from November 15-19, 2023 Held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Hi-Tech Fair integrates achievement trading, product display, high-level forums, project investment promotion, and cooperation and exchanges. After years of development, the Hi-Tech Fair has become an important window for China's high-tech field to open to the outside world. It is known as the "No. 1 Science and Technology Exhibition in China". It is an influential brand exhibition in China and even the world, and is a bright business card of Shenzhen.   The Hi-Tech Fair plays an increasingly important role in promoting the commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of high-tech achievements and promoting economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between countries and regions. Advantages of the China Hi-Tech Fair The China Hi-Tech Fair is currently China's largest and most influential science and technology exhibition, and it is a brand exhibition with certain international influence. The Hi-Tech Fair has brought good benefits to many companies. More than 60 multinational companies, including Microsoft, IBM, Sony, Qualcomm, Samsung, HP, Siemens, Toshiba, Oracle, LG, Hitachi, and Panasonic, have participated in the exhibition many times. Tencent, Huawei, Kingdee, iFlytek, Han's Laser, and Tongzhou Electronics Waiting for a large number of Chinese private enterprises to go global from here. The Hi-Tech Fair is the focus of media attention at home and abroad: each exhibition has more than 1,500 reporters from nearly 200 domestic and overseas media participating in the coverage. This includes not only Chinese media, but also mainstream print media and many online media from overseas. The Hi-Tech Fair has powerful promotion methods: special promotion plans specially formulated by the organizers, press conferences, direct letters and direct mails; making full use of the long-term cooperative relationships formed with domestic and overseas media over the years, so as to fully engage domestic and overseas enterprises and customers.   Learn about the Hi-Tech Fair. The Hi-Tech Fair has a high-quality audience group: it has always been popular with people at home and abroad, with more than 500,000 visitors every year.   Opportunities and Harvests   The Hi-Tech Fair has attracted many Chinese and foreign enterprises, intermediaries and thousands of investors with technology needs, and will find partners from all over the world for patent and technology holders. The Hi-Tech Fair hosts more than 10,000 high-tech projects every year, which will help investors find new patents, technologies, projects and a large number of investment and cooperation opportunities. The Hi-Tech Fair will help global high-tech product and equipment manufacturers find channels for their products to quickly enter the Chinese market. The Hi-Tech Fair brings together various innovation and entrepreneurship resources and will provide a platform for entrepreneurs of all types to display, share and communicate through effective project roadshows, capital matching, technology exchanges, experience sharing and other activities. High-end press conferences, various forums, conferences, cocktail parties and other activities held by various organizations at the Hi-Tech Fair will provide all participants with various information and business opportunities.
NEW ARRVIAL: Electronic PCB Assembly With 0.25mm Hole Size For Nuclear Detector
NEW ARRVIAL: Electronic PCB Assembly With 0.25mm Hole Size For Nuclear Detector
NEW ARRVIAL: Electronic PCB Assembly With 0.25mm Hole Size For Nuclear Detector   Due to the recent nuclear contaminated water incident in Japan, it is necessary to implement a detector that can monitor radiation data of imported food and cosmetics, So we developed a new PCBA product for nuclear detectors   The Tokyo Electric Power Company held an unscheduled press conference on the discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant at around 10 am local time (9 am Beijing time) Monday, CCTV reported. At the meeting, Tepco announced that it would start discharging nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean at 1 p.m. local time on the same day (12 noon Beijing time today). The Japanese government's decision has sparked widespread concern and controversy around the world. The waste water, accumulated after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident, contains a variety of dangerous substances, such as organic matter and radioactive isotopes. This decision has not only been strongly opposed by the public at home and abroad, but also triggered in-depth thinking and high attention to the nuclear radiation detection industry.   With the progress of modern science and technology, nuclear radiation detection technology has been continuously improved and enhanced, and has become an important part of evaluating the presence and level of radioactive materials. At present, the commonly used nuclear radiation detection methods include radioactive substance detectors, nuclear radiation sensors, nuclide separators, etc. These devices can accurately detect the type, quantity and intensity of radioactive substances and other information, providing strong technical support for the safety supervision of environmental protection, food, medical and other industries.   In addition to the nuclear sewage discharge incident in Japan, nuclear radiation detection technology has gradually been applied to more fields.   Nuclear radiation detector detects beta radiation gamma radiation X-ray applications Nuclear waste water detection Teaching of nuclear physics: Measuring the amount of ionizing radiation released by radioactive materials. Tests to study the properties of nuclear radiation Medical: detection and measurement of the presence of radiation and radioactive substances Environmental monitoring: Monitoring the environment for radioactive contamination, such as in soil, air and water Personal radiometric measurement: Check the radiation exposure of workers in radiation-related industries such as medical equipment, research laboratories and nuclear power plants Safety monitoring: Inspection of personnel and cargo for the presence of radioactive substances Alarm: emergency personnel and security personnel use, real-time monitoring of harmful radiation Contact Information: Phone: +86 15899975147 E-Mail: Official Website:   Don't miss this opportunity to lead the electronic revolution again! Act now and let's create a better future together!  
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