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Production Line

Our own strong production capability and lots of advanced equipments to meet complex demands and high quality standard. We're capable of manufacturing various special technology for both of PCB and PCBA products.


At present, our company has 350+ employees, including 50+ R&D personnel and 25+ quality personnel, our factory occupies 8,900 square meters.


We offer cable & wire harness, as well as full cabinet assembly.
Everything we build goes through our inspection process.
We offer PCB design and assembly for board builds.
YDY has experience in working with mission ready and rugged circuit boards that exposed to multiple elements.



Import international advanced sophisticated equipment to provide customers with efficient manufacturing and reliable quality product:


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The new SMT workshop is equipped with central air conditioning, air shower room, anti-static treatment, constant temperature and humidity warehouse, etc.;

Equipped with new imported Siemens most advanced TX21, X2 placement machine, automatic solder paste printer, ten temperature zone reflow oven, wave soldering, AOI /SPI/XRAY/intelligent tester and other professional equipment.

The SMT production capacity is 25 million solder joints/day, and is especially good at high-precision and high-complexity veneers.


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Operation room:


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Shenzhen Yideyi Technology Co., Ltd is a PCB and PCBA manufacturer with more than 10 companies in China. 

Our company has a strong engineering team and a professional electronic component procurement team, serving many domestic and foreign automotive electronics, military electronics, power communications, industrial automation and intelligence It is a comprehensive manufacturing service provider integrating PCB manufacturing, electronic component procurement, SMT chip processing and testing assembly, and a high-quality supplier in the electronic processing industry.


What information do I need to provide to get a fast, accurate quote?
A: The more detailed the data supplied, the faster and more accurately we can quote. We firmly abide by the "if in doubt - ask" principle. Ideally we ask for the following:
(1) Gerber data comprising every 'layer' required to manufacture and supply the PCB with a descriptive exported 'read me' file.
(2) PCB fabrication requirements including Number of Layers, Board Thickness, Board Material, Copper Thickness, Color of Solder Mask and Finish.
(3) A comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) itemizing:
  a: Component Part number and description (include rating value and tolerance where applicable).
  b. Reference designators with corresponding quantities
  c. Component manufacturer
  d. Indicate approved alternate components
  e. If firmware is required, please list each firmware as a BOM line item (Including revision)



Documents with a design order:

• Acquire all information needed, reviewing and verifying the accuracy.
• Schematic capture and net list generation (if not done yet).
• Create part library for the project.
• PCB component placement.
• Submit intermediate placement to engineer for reviewing. This is usually a discussion-
modification process until get approval on final placement.
• PCB routing. PCB designer and engineer must maintain adequate and frequent
communication during the routing process.
• Complete PCB layout, finalize all documents.

For PCB layout documents:

• Provide as accurate information of circuit design and system requirement as possible.
• Avoid/minimize change on schematic after PCB layout process begins.
• Reducing density and making practical requirement.
• Choose responsible and highly skilled PCB designers.
• Schematics and BOM if the schematic capture process involved in the design order.
• Assembly drawings.
• Assembly machine pick-place data file.
• Solder paste stencil files.
• Other optional files as client required.


Our company pays attention to the construction of high-tech R&D team. At present, it has an experienced and skilled R&D team with more than 50 people. It has formed a R&D echelon composed of doctors, masters and senior industry experts, specializing in various types of electronics. Product design, PCB design/EMC design, instrumentation, automation control, smart home, agricultural facilities, medical equipment control, computer software, embedded software, man-machine interface, system analysis and optimization, etc.


Our professional SMT factory has advanced equipments, such as the world-class stencil printing, SMT chip pick & place, solder reflow, and in-line testing and steel mesh manufacturing. AOI test machine and X-ray testing machines for quality check. All the boards will go through the most stringent tests


The goal of YDY system work is to deliver zero-defect products on time. For this reason, we adopt a proactive and proactive prevention strategy in our work, which is standardized and implemented by the production management team.


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