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SLS PA Nylon Rapid 3d Printing Prototype Service

SLS PA Nylon Rapid 3d Printing Prototype Service

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    Nylon Rapid 3d Printing Prototype


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    3d Printing Service
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    SLS PA Material Nylon Rapid Prototype Industry 3d Printing Service Manufacturer
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    CNC Machining Centres
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    Brass,Stainless Steel,Copper
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    ISO13485, IATF16949, ISO9001
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    Anti-static bag + white pearl cotton (used around the inside of the carton) + carton
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    1-2 working days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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SLS PA Nylon Rapid 3d Printing Prototype Service

SLS PA Material Nylon Rapid Prototype Industry 3d Printing Service Manufacturer


Our business scope including product shell 3D printing, PCBA Design, Mechanical Design, Hardware Development, Firmware Development, Software Development, App & Api Development, and Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)


Small batch production for satisfying customer requirements, to ensure fastest delivery. providing rapid prototyping and CNC hand model making, injection, silk screen and small quantities of plastic parts plating copy, plastic products, exterior structural design and other one package service.


Our main market is: USA, Europe, Russia, Australia etc.



Production Details:


Material and Testing Report
Metal Aluminum Aluminum 2024 Aluminum 5052 Aluminum 6061-T6
Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum MIC 6
Stainlesss steel SUS303,SUS304,SS316,SS316L
UNS S32304 UNS S32003 UNS S31803 UNS S32205
UNS S32760 UNS S32750 UNS S32550 UNS S32707 UNS S33207
Steel 12L14 4140 1018 1045 12L14 4130 4142 ,O1 tool steel,
D2 tool steel,A36 1008 ,Alloy42
Titanium Grades 1-4 Grade 5 Grade 9
Brass 260, C360,H59,H60,H62,H63,H65,H68,H70
Bronze C932



What is SLA?

SLA is Stereo lithography process. SLA process, also known as stereolithography or light curing process, , SLA series forming machines account for a large share of the 3D printing equipment market.
SLA process is based on the principle of photopolymerization of liquid photosensitive resin work. This liquid material in a certain wavelength (325 or 355nm) and intensity (w = 10 ~ 400mw) under the irradiation of ultraviolet light can quickly photopolymerization, molecular weight increased dramatically, the material will change from liquid to solid. Liquid tank filled with liquid light-cured resin, the laser beam in the deflection mirror under the action of the liquid surface can be scanned, the scanning trajectory and the presence of the laser by the computer control, light scanning to the place, the liquid on the curing. At the beginning of forming, the working platform is in a certain depth under the liquid surface, the liquid level is always in the focal plane of the laser, and the focused spot is scanned point by point according to the instruction of the computer on the liquid surface. When a scan is complete, the unexposed area is still a liquid resin. And then lift the platform to bring down a layer of height, has been formed on the level and covered with a layer of resin, flattening the viscosity of the resin surface of the larger flattening, and then the next layer of scanning, the new curing layer Firmly adhere to the previous layer, so repeat until the entire part of the manufacturing is complete, get a three-dimensional solid model. SLA method is the most studied method in 3D printing field, and it is also the most technically mature method. General thickness of 0.1 to 0.15mm, forming parts of high accuracy. Years of research to improve the cross-section scanning mode and resin forming performance, the process precision can reach 0.05mm.




Our business scope including communications, home appliances, digital products, sports equipment, toys, medical equipment and other industries.


We have all kinds of advanced equipment in making prototype, All of worker in our manual department have more than ten years' experience in handmade prototyping which providing a perfect protection for making precise model.


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How to start business?


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1. Q.  Do you make customized products based on our design drawing?
A: Yes, we can provide one-stop service from product design to prototypes, mold manufacturing to mass production according to customers’ specific needs.


2. Q: How is the next ?

A: We will send the cost to you and get your confirmations for the quote;


3. Q: what is the softwares will you use for the proceeding

A: We make the 3D programme with Pro-Engineer,UGS,SOLIDWORKS,MASTERCAM etc ;


4. Q: what is the type of machines for manufacturing please ?

A: Manufatured from CNC Machining,Laser cutting , stamping ,injection as well as the parts files different ;


5. Q: Do you do the surface treatments please ?

A:yes, sure . we do the surface treatments ,for instance ; chromated, powder coating,Anodizing, laser etching as well as painting ;


6. Q: Can I customize the product?

A: Yes,our business content:
* SLA/SLS/SLM 3D Printing service
* Precision CNC machining services
* Vacuum casting service
* Rapid prototype service
* Low volume manufacturing
* Product design services