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Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

Before designing a multi-layer PCB, designers need to first determine the circuit board structure based on the size of the circuit, the size of the circuit board, and the EMC requirements.

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Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

Multilayer Printed Circuit Board stackup 

1. If you need custom stackup or control impedance, we will manufacture according to your requirement.

2. After place order,we will calculate whether it meets the requirements based on the stackup , material and impedance information.Also we will confirm with you.

YDYPCBA manufactures multilayer circuit boards with layers in the range from 4 to 14 layers, board thickness from 0.4mm to 3.0mm, copper thickness from 1oz to 4oz, inner layer copper thickness from 1oz to 2oz, and minimal spacing between layers to 4mil.


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