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HDI PCB is frequently found in mobile phones, touch-screen devices, laptop computers, digital cameras, 4G network communications, also prominently featured in medical devices.

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Accelerate Development with HDI Printed Circuit Boards
1.Easier to place SMD components
2.Faster routing
3.Reduce frequent relocation of components
4.More component space (also by Via-in-Pad)

Check YDYPCBA HDI PCB manufacturing capabilities in the following table:

Feature Capability
Number of Layers 4-30 layer
Quality Grade IPC 6012 Class 2,IPC 6012 Class 3
Material Tg 140°C FR4,Tg 150°C FR4,Tg 170°C FR4 ,Special material
Thickness 0.4-6.0mm
Min Track/Spacing

Inner layer: Part 2 / 2mil, overall 3 / 3mil (H/H OZ base copper)

Outer layer: Part 2.5/2.5mil, overall 3 / 3mil(H/H OZ base copper)

Min Hole Size 0.15mm-0.3mm
Solder Mask Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green
Silkscreen White, Black,Yellow,Blue
Surface Finish Immersion gold,OSP,Hard gold,Immersion Silver
Finished Copper 0.5-13oz
Build time 5-10 days
Lead tim 2-3 days


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