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Single Layers SMT PCB Assembly Thickness 1.6mm Printed Circuit Board Pcba

Single Layers SMT PCB Assembly Thickness 1.6mm Printed Circuit Board Pcba

Single Layers SMT PCB Assembly

Single Layers Printed Circuit Board Pcba

1.6mm Printed Circuit Board Pcba

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SMT PCB Assembly Q12 MB

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Product Details
SMT PCB Assembly Q12 MB
Material Precision:
Number Of Material Types:
136 Kinds
Material Quantity:
446 Pcs
PCB Process:
Lead-free Tin Spray
PCB Layers:
Single Layers
Material Of Turnkey Pcb Assembly:
Board Thickness:
Manufacturing Quality System:
IATF16949 / ISO9001
PCB Quality System:
Portable Speakers / High-power Built-in Sound Card / Card Live Singing / Square Dance Speakers
Manufacturing Process:
SMT Patch, AOI Test, CNC Panel
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 piece
$0.1- $4.9
Packaging Details
Cartons of SMT PCB Assembly
Delivery Time
5-8 work days of turnkey pcb assembly
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
50000 pcs per months
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Product Description

The SMT Placement Process Uses Advanced Equipment To Improve The Production Efficiency And Quality Of PCB Assembly


SMT technology is important for PCB assembly because it provides high accuracy, efficiency and reliability. By using the SMT placement process, compact circuit layouts can be achieved, saving space costs, and are suitable for a wide range of package types, increasing design flexibility.

In addition, SMT reduces electromagnetic interference, improves signal integrity, optimizes thermal management, reduces failure rates, and enhances system performance. Through automated production, SMT can also reduce labor costs and has low energy consumption and environmental protection and energy saving features. In short, SMT placement process plays an important advantage in PCBA, providing key support for product usage and performance.


Specification of SMT PCB Assembly of Picture



SMT PCB Assembly Q12 MB

Material precision  0603+QFN/QFP
Number of material types 136 kinds
Material quantity 446 pcs
PCB process Lead-free tin spray
PCB layers Single layers
Material of Turnkey pcb assembly FR-4
Board thickness 1.6 mm

Turnkey pcb assembly certification

IATF16949 /ROHS/ISO9001
Application areas portable speakers / high-power built-in sound card / card live singing / square dance speakers
Manufacturing process SMT patch, AOI test, CNC panel


Why is SMT needed to produce PCB assmbly?


PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a key component in electronic products, used to connect and support electronic components. In the PCB assembly process, two main technologies are usually used: SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and THT (Through-Hole Technology). And the application of SMT in PCB assembly has many important advantages, the following are some of them:


  1. Size and weight: SMT assembly technology allows for higher component density and smaller dimensions. Since components are soldered directly to the PCB surface without passing through jacks, the size and weight of the board can be greatly reduced. This is important for the miniaturization and lightweighting of modern electronic devices.
  2. Automation and efficiency: SMT is a highly automated technology suitable for mass production. By using automated equipment, such as a placement machine (Pick and Place machine), components can be placed on the PCB quickly and accurately with precision. In contrast, THT requires manual insertion of components and an additional process during soldering. As a result, SMT can increase productivity and assembly consistency.
  3. High-frequency characteristics and performance: Because SMT components are attached directly to the PCB surface, they can transmit signals more efficiently. For high frequency circuits and high speed data transmission applications, SMT components typically have lower inductance and capacitance, and can provide better high frequency characteristics and performance.
  4. Reliability and quality: SMT soldered connections are typically more reliable than THT because soldered joints are more robust and better able to resist external vibration and shock. In addition, SMT technology offers better solder quality control and inspection methods, allowing processes such as automatic optical inspection (AOI) to check the quality of soldered connections.


As an excellent PCBA manufacturer in China, Shenzhen Sky-win offers advanced SMT services, which means we have the capability to use SMT technology for high quality PCB assembly. We can provide efficient, accurate and reliable SMT assembly services to meet our customers' needs for miniaturized, high-performance and high-reliability electronic products.


Single Layers SMT PCB Assembly Thickness 1.6mm Printed Circuit Board Pcba 0Single Layers SMT PCB Assembly Thickness 1.6mm Printed Circuit Board Pcba 1

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