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0.5mm Automotive PCB Assembly OEM 6 Layer Pcb Manufacturer For Car AV System

0.5mm Automotive PCB Assembly OEM 6 Layer Pcb Manufacturer For Car AV System

0.5mm Automotive PCB Assembly

6 Layers Automotive PCB Assembly

OEM 6 Layer Pcb Manufacturer

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Automotive PCB Assembly JAC8229

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Product Details
OEM Automotive PCB Assembly
Material Precision:
0402+BGA 0.5mm
Number Of Material Types:
78 Kinds
Material Quantity:
316 Pcs
PCB Process:
Immersion Gold
PCB Layers:
6 Layers
Material Of Turnkey Pcb Assembly:
Board Thickness:
Manufacturing Quality System:
PCB Quality System:
Car AV System
Manufacturing Process:
SMT Patch, DIP/AOI Inspection, X-RAY Irradiation Analysis, CNC Panel
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 piece
$0.1- $4.9
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
5-8 work days of turnkey pcb assembly
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
50000 pcs per months
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Product Description

OEM 0402+BGA 0.5mm Automotive PCB Assembly For Car AV System With ROHS And IATF16949 Certification


The IATF 16949 certificate is highly important for automotive PCB assembly, and having this certification is a positive indicator for Sky-win PCB manufacturer. Here's why:


Automotive industry standard: IATF 16949 is a globally recognized quality management system (QMS) standard specifically developed for the automotive industry. It is based on the ISO 9001 standard but includes additional requirements tailored to the automotive sector. By obtaining this certificate, Sky-win PCB manufacturer demonstrates their commitment to meeting the rigorous quality standards demanded by the automotive industry.


Customer requirements: Many automotive manufacturers and suppliers require their suppliers to be IATF 16949 certified. This certification serves as proof that the PCB assembly manufacturer has implemented robust quality management practices, which are essential for ensuring the reliability and safety of automotive electronics. Having the certificate gives Sky-win PCB manufacturer a competitive edge when bidding for automotive projects and helps in building trust with potential customers.


Quality and process control: IATF 16949 focuses on process-oriented quality management, emphasizing risk management, defect prevention, and continuous improvement. By complying with the standard, Sky-win PCB manufacturer demonstrates their ability to consistently deliver high-quality products and services. This certification ensures that the manufacturer follows standardized processes, maintains strict quality control measures, and implements effective corrective actions when issues arise.


Supply chain efficiency: The automotive industry has complex and interconnected supply chains. By having the IATF 16949 certificate, Sky-win PCB manufacturer aligns with the industry's quality expectations and requirements. This alignment facilitates smoother integration within the supply chain, reduces the risk of quality issues or delays, and enhances overall efficiency.


Continuous improvement: The IATF 16949 certification promotes a culture of continuous improvement within the organization. Sky-win PCB manufacturer must regularly assess their processes, identify areas for enhancement, and implement corrective actions to maintain the certification. This commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that the manufacturer remains up to date with the latest quality standards and best practices, resulting in improved product quality and customer satisfaction.


In summary, the IATF 16949 certificate is crucial for automotive PCB assembly. Sky-win PCB manufacturer's possession of this certificate indicates their compliance with stringent quality requirements, enhances their reputation, increases their market potential, and demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality products to the automotive industry.


Specification of Automotive PCB Assembly For Car AV System


Item Automotive PCB Assembly For Car AV System
Material precision  0402+BGA 0.5mm
Number of material types 78 kinds
Material quantity 316 pcs
PCB process immersion gold 
PCB layers 6 layers
Material of Turnkey pcb assembly FR-4
Board thickness 1.6 mm

Turnkey pcb assembly certification

Application areas Car AV System, Car computer / car host / car audio and video system / JAC
Manufacturing process SMT Patch, DIP/AOI inspection, X-RAY irradiation analysis, CNC Panel


Why Sky-win is an Excellent PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

  1. Sky-win PCB assembly manufacturer obtain IATF16949 /ROHS certification.
  2. Sky-win PCB assembly manufacturer has high quality manufacturing capability: An excellent PCB assembly manufacturer should have high quality manufacturing capability to ensure the quality and reliability of PCBs.
  3. Sky-win PCB assembly manufacturer has good production process: There are good production process and standard operation procedures to ensure that every step of operation is strictly executed according to the requirements, thus reducing errors and defects in production.
  4. Sky-win PCB assembly manufacturer has excellent equipment and technology: We have advanced manufacturing equipment and technology to meet the needs of different PCBs, and we have certain technical strength and R&D capability.
  5. Sky-win PCB assembly manufacturer has excellent customer service: we are able to respond to customers' needs in a timely manner and provide excellent service and support, including pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.
  6. Sky-win PCB assembly manufacturer has reasonable price: provide reasonable price and cost-effective products, so that customers can reach a balance point between price and quality.
  7. Sky-win PCB assembly manufacturer keeps improving: constantly reviewing and improving itself and actively introducing new technologies, new techniques and new equipments to keep the competitiveness in the market.

To sum up, Sky-Win is an excellent PCB assembly manufacturer.


0.5mm Automotive PCB Assembly OEM 6 Layer Pcb Manufacturer For Car AV System 0

0.5mm Automotive PCB Assembly OEM 6 Layer Pcb Manufacturer For Car AV System 1

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