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400mm Prototype PCB Assembly 2 Layer Strong Scalability For Consumer Electronics

400mm Prototype PCB Assembly 2 Layer Strong Scalability For Consumer Electronics

400mm Prototype PCB Assembly

Prototype PCB Assembly 2 Layer

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Prototype PCB Assembly

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Product Details
Copper Thickness:
Product Name:
Prototype PCB Assembly
Prototype PCB Assembly Material:
Assembly Type:
PCB Material:
PCB Layer:
Solder Mask Color:
Min. Line Width:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 piece
$0.1- $4.9
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
5-8 work days of turnkey pcb assembly
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
50000 pcs per months
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Product Description

Prototype PCB Assembly with Max. Board Size 300mm*400mm, White Silkscreen, and Min. Hole Size 0.2mm


Prototype PCB Assembly is a highly customizable, reliable and high-density product that offers strong scalability and high-reliability component support. Its maximum board size is 300mm*400mm, with 1oz copper thickness and 0.2mm minimum hole size. It is capable of providing a minimum line width of 0.1mm and supports up to 2 layers of PCB. It is designed to meet the highest standards of reliability and scalability, and is an ideal choice for customers looking for a highly reliable and high-density product.


Technical Parameters


Product Name Properties
Prototype PCB Assembly High reliability, high density component support, strong scalability, quality assurance, Highly customizable
Copper Thickness 1oz
Min. Line Width 0.1mm
Assembly Type SMT & DIP
Solder Mask Color Green
Prototype PCB Assembly Material FR-4
Min. Hole Size 0.2mm
PCB Color Green
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
Application Household Appliances/ Medical Products/Automotive Products/ Industrial Products/ Communication Products(AVL/GPS/GSM Devices) / Consumer Electronics


In today's highly competitive electronics market, speed and quality of products are the keys to success. When you develop a new electronic product, the manufacture of prototype circuit boards is an integral part of the process. However, finding a reliable and efficient prototype board assembly service provider can be a challenge. We are pleased to introduce you to our top-notch prototype board assembly services, designed to meet your needs.


Our prototype board assembly services are known for their superior quality, fast delivery and flexibility. No matter the size of your project, we can meet your requirements. Our assembly capabilities include board sizes up to 300mm x 400mm and hole diameters as small as 0.2mm, ensuring that you can achieve the requirements of complex circuit designs.


To provide the highest quality prototype board assembly, we use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure accurate mounting and reliability of each component. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers and technicians have the extensive electronics assembly knowledge and skills to meet a wide range of challenges. Whether your project is a simple prototype or a complex multi-layer circuit board, we can provide high quality assembly services to ensure your design meets the highest standards.


We understand that time is of the essence for your project. That's why we stand by our commitment to the fastest lead times, enabling you to test and verify as soon as possible. Our efficient production processes and strict quality control procedures ensure that assembly is completed in a short period of time and that each prototype board meets your requirements and specifications. We understand your sense of time constraint, so we are committed to on-time delivery to ensure that your project moves forward as planned.


We also offer flexible customization options to meet your individual needs. No matter what components, layouts or special requirements you need, we can adapt to your specific needs. We have strong relationships with multiple suppliers and have access to a wide inventory of parts to meet your various needs.


By choosing our prototype circuit board assembly service, you will enjoy the following advantages:


High quality and reliability: We put quality first, ensuring accurate installation and reliability of each component.
Fast delivery: We are committed to completing your project with the fastest possible delivery time, helping you accelerate your product development process.

Flexible customization: We offer personalized customization options to meet your specific needs and specifications.
Experienced team: We have experienced engineers and technicians who are capable of handling a wide range of challenges.
Reliable partners: We have established relationships with multiple suppliers to ensure you have access to the parts and materials you need.

Whether you are developing a new product or improving an existing one, our prototype circuit board assembly services will be the key to your success. Contact our team of professionals and let us help you accelerate your product development with high-quality prototype circuit board assembly services. We look forward to working with you and becoming your reliable partner.

400mm Prototype PCB Assembly 2 Layer Strong Scalability For Consumer Electronics 0

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