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Customizable PCB Fabrication 4 Layer Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Customizable PCB Fabrication 4 Layer Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Customizable PCB Fabrication

4 Layer Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Customizable Printed Circuit Board Assembly

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Sky Win



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Product Details
Customizable PCB
Surface Finishing:
Product Name:
PCB Manufacturer Fast Prototype PCB
Solder Mask:
Manufacturing Process:
SMT, DIP / AOI, X-RAY, CNC, Functional Testing
Layer Count:
1 - 32 Layers
Material Type:
FR4 / FR-5 / CEM - 1/ CEM -3 / FR1
Board Thickness:
Copper Thickness:
2 OZ
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 piece
$0.1- $4.9
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
5-8 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability
50000pcs per months
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Product Description

Customizable FR4 4 Layer 1.6mm 1OZ Blue Soldermask PCB Fabrication Printed Circuit Board Assembly



PCB Fabrication Description


As a reliable Chinese PCB manufacturer in China, we have rich experience and extensive expertise, from PCB design, manufacturing to PCB testing and after-sales, all processes are completed in our ISO certified factory. We put quality first, and each board goes through a strict quality control process before leaving the factory. We specialize in producing all kinds of printed circuit boards, including PCB prototypes, FR4 PCB, double-sided PCB, aluminum PCB, high frequency PCB, HDI PCB and so on.


PCB Fabrication Types


PCB Type Feature Main Application
Single sided A conductive pattern is formed on the surface of only one side of the insulating substrate

Ordinary household appliances,

electronic remote
Controllers and simple electronics

Double sided The upper and lower two layers of the line structure, generally using metallized holes to connect the two sides of the conductive pattern consumer electronics, computers, automotive
Vehicle electronics, communication equipment, industrial
industry control
Multilayer board 4 or more layers, multiple layers of single or double panels hot pressed together Consumer electronics, communication equipment,
Industrial control, Automotive electronics,
Military, aerospace, etc
HDI board High density, fine wire, small aperture and so on Smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, wearable devices, etc
Flexible board Made of flexible insulating substrate, thin and flexible Smart phones, tablets, wearables, etc
Package Substrate It is directly used to carry the chip, and can provide packaging, electrical connection, protection, heat dissipation and other functions for the chip Chip packaging for various electronic devices


PCB Fabrication 


Category  PCB Customizable
PCB Material FR-4
Copper thickness 2OZ
Specialist High TG
PCB Surface treatment Immersion Gold
Solder mask Blue
Silkscreen White
Board thickness 1.6mm
PCB quality system ROHS/UL
Request File PCB: Gerber files(CAM, PCB, PCBDOC)
Components: Bill of Materials(BOM list)


Why Sky-win is an Excellent PCB Assembly Manufacturer?


1. Sky-win has high quality manufacturing capability: An excellent PCB assembly manufacturer should have high quality manufacturing capability to ensure the quality and reliability of PCBs.


2. Sky-win has good production process: There are good production process and standard operation procedures to ensure that every step of operation is strictly executed according to the requirements, thus reducing errors and defects in production.


3. Sky-win has excellent equipment and technology: We have advanced manufacturing equipment and technology to meet the needs of different PCBs, and we have certain technical strength and R&D capability.


4. Sky-win has excellent customer service: we are able to respond to customers' needs in a timely manner and provide excellent service and support, including pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.


5.Sky-win has reasonable price: provide reasonable price and cost-effective products, so that customers can reach a balance point between price and quality.


6. Sky-win keeps improving: constantly reviewing and improving itself and actively introducing new technologies, new techniques and new equipments to keep the competitiveness in the market.


PCB Fabrication Picture


Customizable PCB Fabrication 4 Layer Printed Circuit Board Assembly 0




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