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Prototype PCB Fabrication Green Pcba Circuit Board With 4 Layers

Prototype PCB Fabrication Green Pcba Circuit Board With 4 Layers

Green PCB Fabrication

Green Pcba Circuit Board

4 Layers Pcba Circuit Board

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Product Details
PCB Material:
Solder Mask:
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UL ROHS PCB Manufacturer Fast Prototype PCB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 piece
$0.1- $4.9
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
5-8 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability
50000pcs per months
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Product Description

Professional OEM PCBA Board Circuit Board With 4 Layers Material FR4 Prototype PCB Fabrication





PCB Development

Printed boards have developed from single-layer to double-sided, multi-layer and flexible, and still maintain their respective development trends. Due to the continuous development to the direction of high precision, high density and high reliability, and constantly reducing the size, reducing costs and improving performance, printed boards still maintain a strong vitality in the development of electronic equipment in the future.
The development trend of printed board manufacturing technology at home and abroad is basically the same, that is, to high density, high precision, fine aperture, fine wire, fine spacing, high reliability, multi-layer, high-speed transmission, light weight, thin direction, at the same time in production to improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce pollution, adapt to the direction of multi-variety, small batch production


ODM FR4 Electrical Printed Circuit Board


FR4 PCB is a printed circuit board made from FR4. FR4 is the most important material in PCB components. Power engineers and technicians commonly use PCB boards and FR4 materials.

In PCB components, there is a great demand for FR4. The FR4 printed circuit board is compact and easy to design.

FR4 printed circuit boards are popular because they are affordable and can be used in many electric devices.


Features of FR4 PCB


The thickness of the FR4 plate depends on your project. Ideally, you will need FR4 with a thickness of 1.3 to 3 inches.


Impedance matching

In high frequency PCBs, impedance matching is very important. It helps maintain the functions of the Board of Directors. It also determines the capacitance of the layers in the multilayer board.


Space & Flexibility

According to your project, you can choose FR4 material for the PCB board. Usually, people prefer thin sheets because they take up less space and are more flexible.


Weight of FR4

Since, the thickness of the plate determines its weight. For lighter products, choose a lighter weight FR4 board.


Thermal conductivity:

To determine the temperature management of FR4, look at the value of the thermal coefficient of the permittivity. However, FR4 is heat resistant, which is one of the main reasons for its popular use.


FR4 Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Basic Parameters


Soldmask & Silkscreen Green & White
Min Line Width/Gap 4/4 mil (1mil=0.0254mm)
Board Thickness 0.3~4.0mm
Material FR-4, Aluminum
Copper Thickness 0.5~4oz
PCB Glod process Immerison Gold
PCB layers 1~20 layers
Surface Treatment HASL,ENIG,OSP
Min Hole Size 0.2mm (+/- 0.025)
Manufacturing quality system IATF16949
Manufacturing process SMT, DIP / AOI, X-RAY, CNC, functional testing


Why Sky-win is an Excellent PCB Assembly Manufacturer?


1. Sky-win has high quality manufacturing capability: An excellent PCB assembly manufacturer should have high quality manufacturing capability to ensure the quality and reliability of PCBs.


2. Sky-win has good production process: There are good production process and standard operation procedures to ensure that every step of operation is strictly executed according to the requirements, thus reducing errors and defects in production.


3. Sky-win has excellent equipment and technology: We have advanced manufacturing equipment and technology to meet the needs of different PCBs, and we have certain technical strength and R&D capability.


4. Sky-win has excellent customer service: we are able to respond to customers' needs in a timely manner and provide excellent service and support, including pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.


5.Sky-win has reasonable price: provide reasonable price and cost-effective products, so that customers can reach a balance point between price and quality.


6. Sky-win keeps improving: constantly reviewing and improving itself and actively introducing new technologies, new techniques and new equipments to keep the competitiveness in the market.


PCB Fabrication Picture

Prototype PCB Fabrication Green Pcba Circuit Board With 4 Layers 0




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