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SMT Electronic Component PCBA Circuit Board PCB Assembly Blue Solder Mask OEM

SMT Electronic Component PCBA Circuit Board PCB Assembly Blue Solder Mask OEM

SMT Electronic PCBA Circuit Board

Blue Solder Mask PCBA Circuit Board

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Sky-Win Technology



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Product Details
SMT Electronic Component PCBA Circuit Board PCB Assembly
Board Size:
Surface Finish:
FR-4, Aluminum, Rogers, Etc.
Board Thickness:
Solder Mask:
Green,Green. Red. Blue. White. Black.Yellow
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 piece
$0.1- $4.9
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability
1000pcs per months
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Product Description

SMT Electronic Component PCBA Circuit Board PCB Assembly Blue Solder Mask OEM Service




SMT PCB Assembly Technical Parameters


Product Type

Technical Parameters

SMT PCB Assembly

Product Name: SMT PCB Assembly

Minimum Trace Width: 0.1mm

Product Type: SMT PCB Assembly

Minimum Trace Distance: 0.1mm

Components: SMD, BGA, QFN, DIP, Etc.

Board Size: Customizable

PCB Assembly Manufacturer: Offering Solder Paste Printing

High Speed mounters are suitable for all medium to large SMT assemblies (SMTA).
X-ray inspection of high quality SMT assemblies (SMTA)


SMT Surface Mount Components Come In Various Package Types:


1. Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC): SOIC packages have a rectangular shape with leads (pins) on two sides. They come in different widths and pin counts, ranging from 8 to 64 pins. SOIC packages are popular for their ease of handling, good thermal performance, and compatibility with automated assembly processes.


2. Quad Flat Package (QFP): QFP packages have a square or rectangular shape with leads on all four sides. They are available in different sizes and pin counts, ranging from 32 to several hundred pins. QFP packages offer high pin density, good thermal dissipation, and are commonly used in applications requiring high-speed signals and high pin-count devices.


3. Ball Grid Array (BGA): BGA packages consist of an array of solder balls on the bottom surface of the component. They provide a high pin density and excellent electrical performance. BGA packages are particularly suited for devices with high I/O counts, such as microprocessors, graphics processors, and memory chips. BGA packages require precise soldering techniques, such as reflow soldering or advanced soldering methods like X-ray inspection.


4. Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN): QFN packages have a flat body with leads on all four sides, similar to QFP packages. However, QFN packages have no exposed leads, with the electrical connections made through metal pads on the bottom surface. This design allows for smaller package sizes, better thermal dissipation, and improved electrical performance. QFN packages are commonly used in applications where space is limited, such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.


5. Dual Inline Package (DIP): DIP packages have leads (pins) on two sides, with a through-hole design that requires the leads to be inserted into holes on the PCB. While DIP packages are not strictly surface mount, they are worth mentioning as they were widely used before the adoption of surface mount technology. DIP packages are still used in certain applications, particularly in lower-density or legacy designs.


6. Chip Scale Package (CSP): CSP packages are designed to have a footprint that closely matches the size of the integrated circuit (IC) die itself. They offer a compact form factor, high pin density, and excellent electrical performance. CSP packages are commonly used in miniaturized devices, such as mobile phones, wearables, and IoT devices.


These are just a few examples of surface mount component packages. Other package types include Thin Small Outline Package (TSOP), Small Chip Scale Package (SCSP), and Dual Flat No-Lead (DFN) packages. The choice of package type depends on factors such as the application requirements, board space constraints, thermal considerations, and electrical performance needs.


SMT PCB Assembly – Sky-Win Technology


Sky-Win Technology offers a wide range of high-quality SMT PCB Assembly services. Our PCBA services ensure that your PCBs are designed to meet your project's specific requirements. We have a team of certified professionals who have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing PCBs. All our PCBs are guaranteed to deliver superior performance and exceptional reliability.


Sky-Win Technology offers a comprehensive range of SMT PCB Assembly services that are designed to meet your exact specifications. Our PCBA services are available in a variety of materials, including FR-4, aluminum, and rogers. We are committed to providing superior quality and reliable services to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our SMT PCB Assembly services.



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